'Scuse me, Ms. Miranda?

Uhm, the site says a review earns you 5 points; I reviewed as Meg I on PagesUnbound. I understand that having two different names (Meg I vs. Hortaux) is the reason they weren't automatically added to my account (how could you know who reviewed and if they had joined your site if their names were different?) so please don't think I'm in any way blaming anyone but myself. But, if it's not too much trouble, may I have those points, please?

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Most High

You need to tell me. Smile I'd completely forgotten about that. Five points to you, and to DrMorganes. Anyone else?

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At least, when I look at my points, they all seem to be the single points you get for commenting (operation=Insert, category=Uncategorized, description=none). Do the review points look differently?

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I also only see single points for comments in 'my points'

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Thank you very much~ now I'm a little further along toward my 50 point goal! XD

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Most High

I made an ill-considered decision--ill-considered in that I didn't understand the organizational chaos I was unleashing--to give the points a "taxonomy," that is, categories. They all go in the same pot now.

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Do review points come in a set of five or five sets of one? If so, Han-pan reviewed as Hannah I-m so happy (I think...unless I'm crazy...which is very possible...)

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