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Is there any way the bonus stories can be put into the RSS feed?

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Most High

There are literally dozens of RSS feeds here, or so it would seem. If you want to get everything on the site--chapters, bonus stories, forum topics, blog entries--subscribe to the feed on the far right under "add the feed!" or just use this handy link. If you want just the chapters and stories, use this link (you can find it at the very bottom of the "newest first" page next to my copyright). If you want just the blog, it's here. And so on. The only feed I don't have is a comments feed. Look at the bottom of any page to see if there's a special, related RSS feed; it'll always be next to the copyright notice.

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It would seem I was subscribed to The Tale of Two Kingdoms only. D'oh! Blum 3 Thank you!

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