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  • Posted on: 9 December 2010
  • By: MeiLin

I'm shipping books today. Don't know how many I'll get through today. LOTS to ship. You'll be getting email when your book ships. Velvet Ackbar and I are going to be packing books pretty frantically this week; we want them OUT OF THE HOUSE and I know you want what you paid for. Smile

One thing I've learned: Europeeps, Britpeeps, unless I charge you extra for a pre-sale, I'm going to have to restrict overseas pre-sales next time to ebooks unless I can find a UK/European POD printer. Shipping them from here is taking a huge chunk of money. That's not a complaint; that's lack of planning/foresight on my part, not yours.

Anyway: alternating writing and shipping today and the next few. We hope to have everything out the door by Monday.


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That is all. Wink

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... of transatlantic shipping - I plan on being a presaler for as long as my interest and money hold out, and I damn well will have an autographed deadtree copy of every book I buy from you. If that means paying extra for the shipping, then so be it.

(Shipping for this one should be all but covered since I also bought the SG scrap book to be shipped together with LaB, and I paid shipping charges for the SG scrapbook.)

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But did you get the second book to go along with that order?

BTW, did I order the second?

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Question: d'you have enough dead tree format books for those of us who didn't pre-order, or just the pre-orders.

I wanna know what happens next!

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Most High

The pre-orders were done pre-store software, so everything's a bit higgledy-piggledy. I will be getting more paperbacks in after I've shipped everything, but if you want to know what happens next you can order directly from CreateSpace. If you want it autographed, you have to order from me. You can place your order now and I'll ship it when I have the books in. Up to you. I don't mind if you buy it direct from CS, at all.

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That made my day! Dance 4

I don't think higher shipping costs will stop me from ordering the next time. I'm already used to those :sad2:
Hm, just a thought, would it help to send a big package to somebody in Europe and have them sent on from there? Probably not...

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Most High that I find a European POD printer and then ship directly from there.

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But I am currently home on Christmas break, and I have the deathly fear that the post office is going to ship it back to you when I can't pick it up in an Appropriately Timely Fashion >.>

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My copy arrived this morning! Jumpeveryone And let me tell you, it is LOVELY. I especially like the little images that bookend the History sections.

(Ironically, I picked it up directly after I sent a message to MeiLin confirming my address. XD I guess she had the right one after all.)

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Most High

The little rabbits were drawn by MCM, who also did the book block design (Alice Fox did the cover, of course).

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Most High

More in a blog post.

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