Yeah i'm gonna be attending my first con in August. Will it be awesome? only time will tell. Any advice from anyone with congoing experience? I'll be meeting a bunch of people from the Dominic Deegan forum (splitting room cost with some) and meeting the girl i've been talking too there in a safe group environment. And if your going and see me say hi! i'll be the only one walking around in 90 degree weather with a grey ski cap on with a "Lovers Temple" button on the front. 20,000 con atendees i'm told...and i'm gonna spread some word of mouth love about MeiLin and her wonderful story. Sandwich board style if need be.

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Pepper has been going to conventions for 18 years, since she was 14. At this point, she has done concom, etc. I have been going to conventions in the PNW for the last 5 years.


1. Wear comfortable shoes.
2. Wear comfortable shoes.
3. Get your sleep in before the convention. You won't get much during.
4. Read the Program Guide *before you go*.
5. Circle the panels you want to attend in brightly colored pen, and be resigned that you will miss some.
6. Plans are subject to change at whim. Plan on it Wink
7. Be friendly! Say hi to everyone you meet. Talk with everyone about everything, as long as it doesn't make you uncomfortable.
8. Make a budget for the Dealer's Room, and stick to it. I have spent as little as 2$ for a pin, and Pepper says that she has spent up to 200$. Whatever it is, don't go over it.
9. Hospitality food is the cheapest, most calorie-laden food out there. It has to be cheap, cuz they have to provide a LOT of it. If you special dietary needs, don't expect to be able to utilize Hospitality food for the weekend. It can be great for a pick-me-up cuppa joe (percolator) and as a meeting place, but its snack-food, not a full meal.
***now that I look at Otakon's site, there isn't a Hospitality suite, but the rest would apply to other conventions.
10. Don't forget to set your alarm clock. Nothing worse than getting together with folks and sleeping through lunch.
11. Business or calling cards help folks remember you. When someone wants to get in touch with you after con, just hand them a card. They can cost as little as a few bucks for 50 or so, if you print them at home. Be creative!
12. SMILE! People like folks who smile and make eye contact.
13. Room parties are fun, but don't get stoned or drunk at your first con.
14. The dance is a great place to just hang out.
15. Conventions are places to ADMIRE beautiful things, not LEER at beautiful things. Think, "wow, I love your outfit!" not "you are hawt!" Unless you are naked already. Then you get a pass Wink
16. Bring safer sex supplies, even if you don't use them (and you might not.) Just make sure you have lube, condoms and gloves. Since Pepper is alergic to latex, we make sure to have both latex and non-latex condoms on hand. We just use vinyl gloves, tho, as they are even more sturdy than latex gloves. You might include any travel-style vibe, dildo, or cock-ring you are particularly attached to. Ideally, you should keep this kit with you whenever you travel, but it doesn't have to be big. Think a small shaving kit size.
17. The last one is just a nicety: Pepper and I organize some parties here in town that has overlap in terms of attendance with a local sci-fi convention. We like to try to gather for one nice dinner during the convention. Its a splurge, but its fun to get a dozen friends together and reconnect over dinner.

Have fun!

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I attended Otakon last year but forgot my sex supplies. You will never believe how many girls I had to turn down for sex because of it..........I'm just kidding. I've never heard or even thought about bringing a safe sex kit to a con, at least not Otakon. I suppose that's A) I'm married and B) I don't see those who go to anime/comic cons as sexual beings. Granted some of the girls do wear some cosplay that reveal a bit'o'flesh.

Switching gears, I plan on being back in Baltimore soon so I might make it down to Otakon, it is just down the street from me. Now I just need someone to watch the kids. Any volunteers?

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Maybe its just that we tend to attract a certain...ahem...crowd, Pepper, Meilin and I, but we always seem to end up with very adult situations going on around us. Of course, we also open up our room to partners of partners, and that makes things rather interesting.

Even if you NEVER use the items, it might be a good idea to have them, if you are attending the room parties.

Then again, maybe the east coast is different from the west?

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Started off the week totaling my car. I'm fine but financialy it couldn't come at a worse time......i was just getting out of debt and this puts me right back in it. and now my grandfather has had an anurism. A blood vessle in his stomach burst and he had to have surgery. Hes in recoverey now but still in critical condition. I have not been having the best of weeks. so Otakon is probably out of the question now. I'll still try to make it but if i cant save up the money......crap. I realy wanted to go to.

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I'm just glad you're okay! I'm sad to hear about your grandfather, here's hoping he pulls through okay.

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