Orycon After-Action Report

  • Posted on: 16 November 2010
  • By: MeiLin

How was Orycon? Pretty good.

I worked the green room Friday as a volunteer and really enjoyed it; don't know why anyone wouldn't want to do that. I have resolved this will be my regular Friday Orycon thing, absent any panels I MUST attend, which isn't likely; Fridays are slow.

Best panel hands down that I went to was "A Polite Society" with Gail Corriger, Petra Mitchell, the redoubtable MK Hobson, and Joan Gaustad. I've known Petrea since she was a high-schooler, when we were on alt.tv.mst3k together; she came for the party we threw when "Mitchell" aired and the Joel era came to an end. She's all growed up now, and I'm old. *sigh*

ANYWAY. Great panel, bunch of book recommendations I need to add to Goodreads.

My own panels were okay. The Broad Universe reading was the best of them; a lot of people smashed into a small room to hear me read with the likes of Ms Hobson, Jessica Reisman, Jennifer Brozek, the very funny Camille Alexa, AM Dellamonica, and Cat Rambo. phew. I felt very outclassed. There was another indie there: Mary Lowd. It was a source of comfort knowing I wasn't the sole indie! Check Mary out, especially if you like anthropomorphic animal stories (the term "furry" brings up bad connotations these days...).

I read third, right after Cat and Camille, argh. I read the opening section of "Fears Moon Woman," and was: 1) embarrassed to be reading from an erotic story even though that section wasn't erotic; and 2) worried I was going to overshoot my time slot. So I rushed. I can read way better than I read that night. Velvet Ackbar wasn't there, so I have no real judge of how the story was received. I felt the applause was merely polite, and was downhearted.

But at the elevators, a last-minute addition to the readers whose name I think is Sarah Mueller--I can't find any info on her, but everyone else seemed to know her, I feel sheepish and I probably just have her name wrong--stopped and told me how much she loved my piece. I don't know if she just saw on my face how discouraged I was, or if she really liked it, but it was a kind thing to do.

The late night panels were pretty much awful. No one showed for Sex and Death until way late; by the time we got going it was time to stop. And only five people showed for the erotica reading. I felt rushed doing that, too; I was told we basically had all the time we needed, and the moderator instead was strongly enforcing a 20 minute limit. So I rushed through that, too. And strangely it's much harder reading explicit erotica to five people than it is to 30, the audience last time I read there. If I do it next year I'm going to flyer it, because reading for five people in a huge room...it's discouraging.

Bottom line: I'm on the radar of a few more people than I was last time, I had a goodly amount of fun, and I've learned to time my readings before I do them (even though I practiced, it never occurred to me to time myself because I'm dense like that).

Now I'm considering doing Radcon in February, but I hesitate. I hate driving that far. Amtrak goes there, but I don't have any way to get to the hotel from the train station, and the train arrives at 9 pm and departs at 5:30 am so I'd have to stay Thursday night-Monday morning. I am anxious far from home--hell, I'm anxious going across the river to downtown.

The coolest thing happened just before we packed up to go. I got a package from a friend from BPAL.org. She had informed me that she was sending me a giftie and I was not to argue. Inside were two pairs of earrings. One set are pretty pale amethyst-colored drops. But the other pair are silver. On a round disc dangling from each one appear the words: "be loved and beloved".

I haven't taken them off yet.


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Pictures of the earrings are required! :

I'm quite sure you did better than you think you did at orycon.

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... both of these thoughts.

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Sara A. Mueller

As for green room it's typically not a place we pull from volunteers, obviously it's easy to find people willing, but it's important to carefully consider who's suited to the job. Feedback from Green room staff regarding you in particular was good so keep in contact as I'm sure you'll be welcome to help out next year. Additionally when volunteers was asked for suitable candidates Wes came through admirably, you might consider buying him a drink for thinking of you.

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Most High

Actually, I don't know Wes (I think--I have a touch of "Dory the Fish syndrome," srsly). Otherwise I'd be happy to buy him a drink. Smile

I unwittingly got in touch with Penguin directly, she welcomed me with open arms, and that's how I ended up there.

Thanks for the correct spelling of Sara's name.

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