Marketing Mission #8: Rate up a particular review at WFG

  • Posted on: 25 October 2010
  • By: MeiLin

Over at, IHGK remains top-rated, and that's good. But so many of the reviews refer to the old draft. I want to get the word out that what is said there about IHGK is outdated. So I've put up a "review" myself. Could you please vote it up? This is what it says in case you're worried I'm sock-puppeting:

The Author Would Like to Say…
. . . that all but one of these reviews reflects a version of the serial that is no longer available. Please come check out the new version. It’s better. Promise.

That's all it says. You'll find it here. Just log in to WFG if you have an account and mark the review as helpful.

That's it! Quick and easy!

And yes, I rated myself five stars. I'm the only pimp I have.

For other Marketing Missions--quick and easy things you can do to help promote the story--click on the "All Together Now" icon. Thanks!


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Though I'm thinking it would be more helpful if you specified which review is of the new version, or better yet, "after this date reviews are of the new version" (something like that). I don't know if you can edit reviews on WFG. I'm such a terrible weblit reader, I read a lot but never review. ::shame::

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