;o *yawns*

I am about half way through reading the introductions, but I am tired and I promised myself I would actually post something.

wife, mother, student, banker, in that order.

I used to play Final Fantasy 11, but then I started nursing school, and with that added to fulltime banker job and the best job of all: mommie to 3 y/o Roland, I am content to amuse myself with web-reading. I follow a few serials and webcomics on a semi-regular basis with yours and ToMU and QuestionableContent.net at the top of the list.

I like the same thing my hubby likes, but in different ways: music (Saves The Day, Kate Nash, The Hush Sound), RPGs (the entire FF series, including FF11, I am Minn formerly of Remora server), AdultSwim (Venture Brothers, Family Guy) and sex.

We've been together 5 years, married 3 and still like to get frisky. We have had our problems, but we have good relations. I am a little prude myself, but on the inside I am kind of dirty.

One could suppose that I satisfy my urges by indulging in reading fantasy. Anne MacCaffrey (sp? It's been awhile) and strangely enough Stephen King.

One last random thought before I go to bed with DH (snicker), I see marketing gimmicks in commercials.


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