I've been following the story since about the second chapter, so I have that false sense of familiarity that comes from reading discussions between internet personae over the course of several weeks. I always feel a bit creepy once it dawns on me that I'm recognising other people by the nuances of their character and they don't even know I exist [not to mention mentally attaching personalities to icons... I think the cheez-its did a lot to jolt me out of lurking Biggrin ] . So it's about time that I finally step in and say hello.

Hello. Smile

I tend to file away personal details on the 'trivial' heap, so I'm not very good at introductions. I also tend to do the same thing with opinions and responses, so I'm not great at comments either unless I've been prompted for one.

What I can say is that I greatly enjoy the world building and history that MeiLin has included in this story, as well as the realism of her characters, and I certainly appreciate the maturity with which the steamier aspects are handled, even if they're not the main thing that keeps me coming back for each installment. I'm sure I'll be following for quite a while, and hope not to be too much of a stranger from here on out.

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Yeti, You do sound so much like me! Welcome to 'Kingdom' addiction. HEHEHEHE. I love Meilin's work and find myself pouting till I get the next chapter. I am very bad about comments though. I just put a link to the site on my myspace page instead. I can't help but share.
Thanks for coming by and saying hey!
*friendly wave hello and see you around* Wink
P.S. sorry for th typos bad about those too.

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And it does feel weird welcoming someone who's probably read the story several chapters longer than I have--but yeah, like you said.

Either way, good to have you active Smile Now, at the very least, if you pipe up in a few weeks, you'll have a bunch of folks who can say "Oh yeah, Yeti--we know them!"

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I linked pretty early on, as well, and lurk on the comments sometimes, people-watching, kinda. I-m so happy I am backlogging through introductions and I will post my own. Smile

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because I didn't want to sound like a tool. I didn't want to just post, "great chapter" without something meaningful to say, that's only slightly less annoying to me than OOK-ing. So I waited until I felt like I had something to contribute in the comments. And I'm OK with that.

To any lurkers out there, don't feel like the longer you lurk, the harder it is to finally post, we're happy to talk to anybody about this story and anything else under the sun, aren't we folks? No one's here to judge your worthiness, there's no litmus test for IHGK fandom!

Lurk! or Post! Whatever makes you happeh.

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"there's no litmus test for IHGK fandom!"
I believe there is exactly one requirement...you need to be a fan of IHGK Wink

And while I can sympathize with not wanting to sound like a tool, I'll make the point that the greater your toolish tolerance, the faster you will earn us all bonus stories--and seriously, who doesn't love bonus stories? That goes for all you lurkers. Even forum registrations help *prod*

More seriously, even if the first thing in your mind is "Great chapter!" you can ratchet up the signal-to-noise of the comment by stopping to take a deeper look...what made it a great chapter? Had you gotten bored with the drama and now it's back to the sex? Bored with the sex and now it's back to political intrigue? Was someone exceptionally well-characterized, you saw life through their eyes and it brought tears to yours? Force yourself to answer those questions and your comment becomes not only untooled, but helpful feedback to MeiLin, in terms of what was right and what might be wrong Biggrin

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I swear you sound like professors I had in college. I added a double major in English to my repertoire when I realized I only needed one more class for it.

I do a fair amount of proofing and editing for friends of mine who are authors, so I do try to be helpful in my comments here. It took me awhile to join because I didn't have time to post anything productive, but, well, the people and the world pulled me in eventually.

It's been a long time since I've gotten involved on a forum anywhere.

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I told him that same damn thing a few weeks ago. Dude. V. Take a brain-chill-pill!

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Han, you sniped my comment of "Geez, I get that all the time around here!"

It's a problem, folks, it really is. Part of being a hardcore nerd and needing to communicate accurately.

But then, I keep getting compared to -English- professors. Whatever. You guys make my brain go fizzle-pop.

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I love geeks.

I swiped a quote once that says, "I am the grammar snob about whom your mother warned you."

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And I bet geeks love you. So you're female, poly, very open-minded, and on the West coast--or about 3,000 miles away. Damn. Despite the great start, that doesn't even count in horseshoes >.

I love out-grammaring grammar snobs, more than being one (usually the ones who try and quote the dictionary definition of a word while failing to recognize that languages grow and evolve, and words have conventional meanings not yet formalized). But I have a visceral reaction to some forms of leet-speek or texting abbreviations--especially capitalization. I don't usually say anything about it, but it's like the person walked into the room with a serious case of BO. I don't say much there, either, but I'm moving away and trying to unobtrusively hold my nose.

*edit* I fail replying. This was aimed at Nye, "I love geeks. I swiped a" */edit*

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