• Posted on: 5 October 2010
  • By: MeiLin

I got the proof copy back from CreateSpace--very quickly, I might add--but the cover is completely borked. Incorrect margins--just a mess. Sad This pushes things back at least a week. I was hoping to ship 10/15 but it may be closer to 10/20. Sorry, guys.


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Not your fault, though. Smile We can wait another week for quality control. Thanks for the heads-up!

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While I probably would be just as happy with a borked, but readable, copy, I totally understand the frustration. Take all the time you need - That's what proof coppies are for!

In the meantime we'll just have to be patient. (*Twiddles thumbs and sits next to mailbox*)

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As long as I get it I'm fine.

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Most High

MCM to the rescue! He figured out what was wrong--CreateSpace effed up--fixed things to avoid a repeat, and I re-uploaded. Here's hoping.

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Do Createspace make you pay for all this borking?

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Most High


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That's SO nice of them. >:/

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Most High

Their customer service has been FANTASTIC. They worked with me to come up with a cover they swear will work this time, and sent me a postage-paid envelope to ship the munged proof back for quality control. Seriously, at least a dozen back-and-forth emails and an actual phone call that THEY instigated, not me. I'm very impressed. I didn't even contact them first; I complained on Twitter and they tracked me down!

The new proof is ordered and should be here some time soon. I'm thinking Friday earliest. I have some faith now that it'll be okay.

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