Any BOFH fans here?

BOFH? Know it? Nope?

Well, back in the dark beginnings of the internet, before "IT" and even "sysadmin", the geeks who kept the mainframes humming were called "operators". And this one? He's the Bastard Operator From Hell. There's a lot of geek humor, a lot of nerdy and archaic references, but it's a good time-waster and can also be quite funny.

Oh, and he's a sick little fuck. But some people here seem to find humor in that. There's an archive of all the postings here:

My advice would be to start on BOFH #1, here

as the pre-stories don't really fit with the flow, in my opinion. He starts out slow then picks up speed. The stories were written on and off over a decade or so in a number of different places.

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Most High

BOFH! Just relaxen und vatchen das blinken lights. Though if that was the BOFH he was in a good mood that day. I worked with a bunch of guys who did everything they could to emulate the BOFH...back a thousand years ago at the dawn of the intertubes...we only had one tube back then, and it was pneumatic...

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Heheheh, I've been reading BOFH for years and years, after I'd caught up on the archives... and now I work in Software Support for a large state university. Strangely enough, thinking about times other lusers have been thoroughly pwned (or dropped down an elevator shaft, or illegitimately blackmailed, etc), even fictionally, is very relaxing when giving tech support. }:)

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He still writes those, for a tech mag

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