Ebook price drop

  • Posted on: 22 September 2010
  • By: MeiLin

"Lovers and Beloveds" is selling better than I'd expected (I'd expected 5 or 6 in my worst nightmares and I've done ten times that), but worse than I'd hoped. I've been told over and over that $2.99 is the price point for an unknown, but I priced at $3.99 in hopes the fan base might support it.

It hasn't, which is totally NOT your fault. The people who actually read the blog part of this site have been NOTHING but supportive, and this is not me pleading poverty or anything, this is me trying to find my audience after 18 months of attrition. I want my audience back. It's reviving--I've doubled the audience since the beginning of the month, but it had sunk so low that doubling is a small dent.

Later today I'm going to post the first Marketing Mission, something simple and quick you can do to help out. Because if I don't find my audience, I can't continue to write--not a threat, just a financial reality. It's that simple.

In the meantime, I have bowed to reality and priced the ebook at $2.99 at Amazon and $3.49 at Smashwords. (Because Smashword partners discount, I have to price it a little higher at Smashwords so I don't lose my Amazon listing.)

I've also taken out a sponsorship on Kindle Nation Daily that I'm told more than pays itself back--if KND accepts my ad. That's a big "if" considering the content. Cross fingers. Smile


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We're behind you! Where's this mission, then?

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Most High

Got writing. (Anda smut for the first "Tales of the Lovers' Temple.")

I'll post it in a sec.

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You should put links to your e-books in the store section of the website. I looked there a few days ago, but ended up getting distracted before searching the forum for information.

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Hey, I read the initial draft, but I drifted away from your site during the inactivity.

Just remembered you again, glad to see that you are still writing and that an ebook is available.

Off to buy it now. Smile

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Most High

Be sure to tell folks you know who used to read that we're back.

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