Today from the 'Weenies: Halloween Los Angeles

  • Posted on: 21 September 2010
  • By: MeiLin

Beth did a series of scents based on memories of the places she's lived at Halloween. I chose Halloween: Los Angeles since most of my girlhood was spent in the beach cities of LA, and this description resonated:

The sky on fire: a strange incense of burning brush, junegrass, tumbleweeds, chaparral, and wild sage.

In the decant: Hm. Smells musty, like a musty steamer trunk.

Wet: Smoky sage.

Dry: Wow, this really does smell like LA during hill fires; that smell hangs over the whole basin.

Verdict: I'm not sure if I want to smell like Malibu in the average autumn, but damn, she sure nailed it. How do she DO that?


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I'm really considering this one, because I'm odd, but I worry it might smell a little too much like a campfire for my liking. Is it like that, or is it more of an ambient "something's on fire?"

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Most High

It really smells like the hills around Los Angeles during wildfire season. I may try to search out a partial of this some time when I am in funds (I am definitely not in funds currently--no idea how I'm going to get Yule decants), primarily because I think it will be an AWESOME layering scent.

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I grabbed Wildfire - it's on its way to me - I hope it's as spot-on as they make it sound in the blurb.

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Most High

I find that most BPAL fail is about skin chemistry. There are BPALs I have that smell awesome on my daughters and horrid on me--Visiting the Temple of Auspicious Fortune, I'm looking at you. Smut smells fantastic on Char and Irk and horrible on me.

Then again, there are astonishing, mind-bending successes on me that smell at best tepid on many others, for instance, Death Cap. Smile

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