Today from the 'Weenies: Pomegranate IV

  • Posted on: 20 September 2010
  • By: MeiLin

This year Beth didn't do a Pumpkin Patch; she did pomegranates instead. This is Pomegranate IV:

Pomegranate, cognac, red musk, cocoa, tobacco absolute, star anise, and thyme.

In the decant: Kind of a muddle but for a hint of tobacco and cocoa, afterhint of the star anise.

Wet: Cocoa and tobacco, which is kinda yummy. Tiny bit of the astringency of pomegranate.

Dry: The cocoa is fading. The thyme is present now, with the tobacco.

Verdict: Later. I gotta go pick up teh hubsie.

Later: On full drydown, it's the tobacco, anise and thyme, with the red musk. I never did get the cognac, and the pomegranate is a brief, astringent memory. Nice, quite nice really, but I can live without it. The decant is plenty, and I'll hold onto it.

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