I couldn't resist

I'm broke ass, but I saw this, and really, can you blame me?

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but they're lovely.

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you could always set up a table in front of your house and do readings for a few bucks, pay for the deck....

mostly kidding....

no, they're gorgeous! srsly

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No blame here. None.

Now that I think about it, I think it's time to break sommore of the boys' boundaries and bring out my own trusty tarot deck.

~Saph, corrupter of Catholic boys

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Those are nice cards, makes me wonder what death looks like given the theme of the deck.

Might be a pretty card but not one you want to pull when drawing.

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'Drawing the death card' has this stigma that popular society weaves around it. The death card means nothing more than 'transformation' - in certain circumstances, it can be a very good card to draw.

I'd be much more concerned about drawing the three, nine, or ten of swords (sorrow, cruelty, and ruin respectively for a broad based meaning of the cards) than I ever would drawing death. Funny how my biggest fears are found in swords - all of the other suits (major and minor arcana) don't bother me nearly as deeply. It may have something to do with swords representing air, and me being an air sign.

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