And there is joy in Tremont: Book Two under way

  • Posted on: 25 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I've got the first couple of paragraphs on "paper" underneath a giant CHAPTER ONE. Biggrin We'll see if they actually remain the first paragraphs of the book when all's said and done. Don't expect to see anything here from Book Two for another week at least. But I'm excited to have found at least a temporary way into the next story. yay!


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I know I'm uber quiet around here, but know that I follow what's going on very closely and I'm loving every second of it.

I really do love this story, I've gotten a couple people hooked. There'd be more, but they just kinda look at me like I'm a raving idiot.

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For example, pretty much anywhere this blog post gets viewed Biggrin Don't hesitate to take a brief breather here as you regroup and reload, but I'm glad to hear that the pen hasn't stopped completely.

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Most High

chapter two. Smile I'm not sure. Because I think we're going to pick up almost exactly where we left off in book one, which would be the morning of Neyaday, the 33rd day of Spring's Beginning (approximately April 20th). And what I'm writing is in the afternoon. I've changed perspective from just Temmin for this book, but I'll probably stick with one POV per chapter. It's tempting to tell it from just one character's perspective this time--for instance, Sedra--but I don't want to stop being inside Temmin's head, he cracks me up too much.

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Eee, yay. That means things we've been anticipating for absolutely ages will actually happen! You had me all nervous there, Mei-Mei!

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