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  • Posted on: 25 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Here's the tentative schedule for fill-in stories drawn from the points pool until I start up Book Two:

Tuesday--Kitabare's request: The "juvenile attachment" of Jenks and Ansella

Thursday--Sarianna's request: Issak on how he's changed since becoming the Embodiment of Nerr

Saturday--Katie's request or TheBoy's request, whoever gets to me first. Hurry up, you guys!

I may be ready to start Book Two by next week, we'll see. Sir and I are working on maps; I need some geological advice on weather patterns etc. I have a couple of friends I can tap for that.

In Book One news, I'm sending out proofreading copies this week; I already have several out and will be shipping out copies to those of you here who've volunteered in a sec. If anyone out there is interested, comment here by Tuesday latest. The tentative price for the paperback is $13.95; the tentative price for the ebook is $3.95. I'll be offering it in pdf and Kindle form for certain, and I'll be trying for at least one more format as well. Ebooks will be offered for sale here and via Amazon Kindle; paperbacks at Lulu, Amazon and any bookseller throughout the world who can order via an ISBN number.


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I'm through with proofreading chapter 1, so should I send my annotations to you as soon as I'm done with a chapter, or do you want them in bigger pieces? I don't want to keep you waiting, but I also don't want to deluge you with emails...

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Most High

I get so much email as it stands, what's a few dozen more? Smile Or if it's easier for you in a chunk, that's good too. Thanks for asking, most kind. Smile

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Most High

TheBoy's request:

From the perspective of Standfast Jenks:

What is the most significant event in determining Jenks' opinion of the Teacher, and what effect did it have?

I'm glad I have till Saturday on that one...

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Heh...and here I was betting that you were going to call him on "two questions". I also steered away from absolutes in my question deliberately. I'm looking forward to TB's story too, tho Biggrin

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