Where ARE the selections from 'Lovers and Beloveds' being posted?

Soooo I've created an account here. I've signed in. I've logged on. And I've searched the Meilin Miranda site thoroughly, but I still can't find any posts of her "Intimate History" story. In fact, the ONLY story-writing from Meilin I can currently find (Sept. 3, 2010) is "Scryer's Gulch", which I do not much care for.

All I've found at the "History" link on this site is advertising for Meilin's first book and a link that's supposed to connect to the newest update from the Intimate History...but it just links back to the advertising page.

Could anyone tell me -- PLEASE -- where the promised excerpts from "Lovers and Beloveds" are being posted? Where on this site is the link to Meilin's "Intimate History" story updates?

Any morsel of direction would be greatly appreciated!

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Most High

You will always find the latest History page at http://www.meilinmiranda.com/history. Right now, because it's a History page, the splash page for LaB is there. On Monday it will rotate out, and the inaugural update will appear instead. I've made a note on the page to that effect. I hope it helps.

The link "Book One: Lovers and Beloveds" leads to the table of contents for LaB, which will start filling up with chapter parts starting Monday. I already have two weeks' worth of updates in the scheduler. I'm just chucking them in there when I have a sec.

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Many thanks for getting back to me so promptly, MeiLin.

So {gusty sigh of relief} I haven't actually missed any of the new installments. That is a weight of frustration off my psyche, certainly. Wink

HOWEVER (and there's always at least one "however", isn't there?), I *did* find -- just the once and never again afterward -- a short story titled "Two Pairs of Mitts, Part 2: Ellika's Mitts".

What IS this story, please, and where does it fit? Is it: A teaser? A regular update? A response to someone's specific question? A point-paid vignette? Is this a fragment from 'Lovers and Beloveds'?

And is there any more to it? A "Part 1" perhaps?

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Most High

They are semi-canon and are not part of "LaB"; they are set in the period not long before Temmin arrives at the Keep. Right now they're behind the paywall, but may come out and play as soon as I have things squared around. The launch is understandably taking a lot of my attention.

The "prequelly" things that still fit into canon, like the "Mitts" stories, will come out of the first draft section eventually, and by "eventually" I don't mean months, just not right now. My router turns me out of the internets at 10 pm. Smile

If you can't wait, you can become a patron for $5 and get access to them--though right now I admit I'm having to approve everyone by hand because Ubercart is being a butt.

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Dear MeiLin:

Thanks again for your prompt and informative replies.

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Most High

I'm glad you asked. I need feedback to make this thing of ours work. Smile And if you know other readers who went away during hiatus, please tell them we're back on Monday, with Monday and Friday updates.

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