I hope this makes me happy...

I like to pop up randomly with random news to share with you all. And this goes with something to make me happy, and something I hope you can help me with.

Last January, my mother sent my English setter, Jessie, to live with her ex-husband temporarily. In April, Jessie was not put on her outside chain properly, and she ran away. After contacting the local police, radio station, vet offices, and prowling the town looking for her, we were forced to admit defeat and list her as gone for good. I'd like to think that some farming family found her, and she's having fun chasing chickens.

Since then, I have been looking around various shelters and craigslist posts for adult dogs who need a good home. I haven't wanted a puppy, because neither my mother or I have the time to fully train a puppy. I've come close to a few new companions, but either they found new homes faster than I could pounce, or the shelters wanted outrageous "donations."

Finally, I found what may turn out to be the perfect dog. He's a pure white, one year old male husky with blue eyes. He's been fixed and has his shots, and he gets along well with small dogs (my mother has a trio of chihuahuas). We have a good area for him outside our house with plenty of shade and shelter and grass, and there is a good dog park in our town where he'll be able to run out his frustrations.

The only thing I am not happy about is his name. I'm pretty picky about my pets' names. The dog's name is MJ. I am hoping to change his name, but I am not sure of what. The only thing I am weirdly drawn to is Loki, but I don't feel completely comfortable naming a dog that large and potentially destructive after a chaos deity.

So here, I need your help. What names do you suggest for my new fur baby?

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Such an awesome dog. My boyfriend would like a husky, but he can't find one in our area. Well that and I just got a dog about 2 months ago. He's a rottie/ border collie mix. He's really beautiful. When we got him from the shelter they'd been calling him Champ. His previous owner named him Harley.
For a dog as awesome as yours sounds how about um....Chase? Or ummm well that's all I got. If Champ was smaller and wasn't named I'd call Deogie (D-O-G)...cuz I'm clever that way.

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Most High

His name will come to you.

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What Meilin said, although I might suggest that you pick a name that prominently features similar sounds to the name he's used to coming to currently. Help him pick it up faster, y'know?

EMerson? DJ?

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Huskies aren't really destructive. Sure, individual temperaments vary, but we bought our husky/shepherd mix to be a guard dog without researching the breed, and he would only have barked at a stranger if that stranger honked like a Canadian goose whenever he moved. Most of the time he was curled up in front of the kitchen door sleeping or begging for scraps. That docile nature is why they're usually good with other pets. The breed itself is generally pretty laid back.

They like to run. A lot. Especially if there is a squirrel involved.

And they shed. A lot. All the freakin time. You will have little piles of fur lurking in every corner, and even if you brush him a few times a week you'll come away with enough fur to stuff a pillow every time.

But he was the best dog. I miss him. We got him from the shelter at about the same age, and it was his third stay. They were getting ready to euthanize him. He wasn't quite as house broken as they said, but huskies and shepherds are both smart breeds. They'll cause mischief occasionally. Like stealing steaks. And laying on the couch when you're not home. Somehow along the way his name got changed from KJ to Caycee and we kept the latter one.

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My parents' friends had a white German Shepard that they named 'Love' when it was a little puppy... turns out, they ended up calling it Moose whenever it was in trouble because it ended up huge.

Likewise, we adopted a cat and spent so long trying to come up with a name (we eventually settled on Tasha) that everyone ended up calling her 'Cat.' When she got really old, she went blind and deaf so we switched to calling her 'Roomba' and 'Helen Keller.' Poor taste perhaps, but it's not like she could hear us.

The dog isn't going to know to act differently based on whether you call him Loki or Baldur. Go with what fits.

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The last point is very true. Basically, go with whatever name you're comfortable giving to the veterinarian when you take it in for neutering/shots/check-ups. Easy spelling is bonus good for their administrators doing the paperwork.

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That's a good point. You also don't want the name to sound weird if the dog happens to get away from you for a moment. I had a dog named Dave, and yelling "Dave, come! Dave, come here stupid!" gets you some strange looks; people think you're calling your kid.

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We have a dog named Cyleigh (pronounced like Kylie) and a cat named Tuula (it's Finnish). I don't feel too bad for the vet, though, because we've spent a heck of a lot of money there over the years. And they know us by sight & name.

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