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  • Posted on: 23 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I've just finished a critical little bonus story that happens the night of Temmin's first ball, the one at the Keep where he meets Allis and Issak for the first time. I'll be releasing it to everyone at some point--it's that critical--but you can read it RIGHT NOW if you vote us up at StumbleUpon! (You have to have an account there already but it's free and easy, and also a pretty neat way of finding new stuff to look at on the web.)

This form is now in the rightmost column on every page, but I'll put it here for your ease:

Enter your Stumbleupon username:

Once you've voted you'll be redirected to the bare bones version of the story, formatted just enough for readability. (This will change, but I'm out of time for today.)

PLEASE DON'T COMMENT ON SPECIFICS OF THE STORY ONCE YOU'VE READ IT--NO SPOILERS!!! Limit your reactions to "Holy shit!" or whatever expletive best suits your mood. Wink

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