One book down, unknown numbers to go

  • Posted on: 22 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Well! Approximately 113,000 words later, I seem to have produced a book some time between the first of the year (when I first started putting the draft of Warin and Emmae together) and now. I am utterly exhausted. Today was a very trying day, and 43 was just not wanting to come together. I'm still unsure if it did! But in any event, here it is. It's done. A whole book.

I'm taking a week or possibly two off, and what that means is this: I will still be here actively reading and responding to comments and forum posts. I will still have something new for you to read every Tuesday and Thursday, and Saturday if a (very modest while I'm on break) marketing target is met--points bonus stories, and just stuff I'm moved to write. In the break I'll be plotting out the next big arc. I've already gotten some really good inspiration, which is heartening considering I've been staring at the blank page with this arc's name on it and a very vague idea for six months. Nothing like a deadline.

Anyway, here's to us. We made it through a book. Smile mwah!


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Congrats, and well-written.

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So sweet to include 'us', but even if we provide inspiration, we're just along for the're doing the heavy lifting. Here's hoping that the "unknown numbers" to go are only unknown because it's hard to describe numbers that big Wink

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