Hey folks.

I've been lurking around since chapter 10ish so I figured it's about time to introduce myself. Smile Well, I'm in my second year studying chemical engineering, which keeps me pretty busy. When I'm not studying or in lab, you can find me either here (lurking, like i said, lol) or at the salle learning classical french fencing (aka traditional, depending on how you like to define things). Let's see...I also spend way too much time watching american gladiators (yes, it's stupid but i love it!) and BBC's Robin Hood.

So, that's about it for now. Nice to meet you all Biggrin

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Most High

Gladiators! I always feel so sordid, but I don't care. The first time we saw Helga lose the target challenge and she flew backwards into the pool I was like, jeebus, now I HAFTA watch this! I've tried to feel the Robin Hood love, but the anachronisms just set my teeth on edge, which is stupid of me. ah well.

ETA: And also welcome to non-lurkerhood!

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lol thanks Smile

Yeah...Gladiators does that to me too. I was hooked after I watched Militia drag some poor sap to the edge of the earthquake platform and shake him off using nothing but his foot...or maybe when Wolf came flying off the top of the pyramid and beasted the guy he was up against, stood over him, and growled "Where you goin son?"

Ok, now I feel really dirty...I should probably shower.

I watch Robin Hood mostly for the long, dramatic looks that all the characters love to give. Cracks me up every time.

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I like your picture. Smile

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