OK, who bought the ad on flipside?

  • Posted on: 21 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Kaaatie? Biggrin

And to all you flipsiders: Hi!


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and I guess it went back up. Biggrin Really should go see how it's doing, but meh..I'm tired and excessively lazy.

Yes I know it would just be some clicks and some keystrokes. Lemme alone.

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*mumble mumble* stupid mature content filters keeping away from a great site *mumble mumble*

Damn You, DOIM for blocking these sites!

And minor, though well intentioned curses to you two for reminding me to check flipside when I get home.

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Your current twitter has a minor error...homophones drive me nuts. I shan't repeat it here lest it be recorded for the lifetime of the internet, but I suspect such little things bug some writers as much as they do some readers.

And yes, flipside got several new views (self included) because someone purchased an ad ON their site. Go figure.

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it would have actually been cooler if it wasn't a typo and somewhere on the internet, your loyal readers were organizing a secret stockpile of new visitors, to be unleashed upon your website at an opportune moment.

But hey, working from home must be fun...work when you have energy to work, nap when you need to nap. Boss, shmoss. He probably works during the day, anyway Biggrin

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I'm a loyal flipsider... consider the ad successful... at least it worked on me!! ^_^

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Got me in here. 20 chapters down so far today, and so far very happy I clicked!

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Most High

If you like the story, pass the word!

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