Oh, right, introductions.

Hello. My name is unpronounceable. At least with English phonemes. But my tag is Sharkinabox, and should be easy enough.

That is how I usually introduce myself, though I haven't used it on the Internet very much. But It seems all of my habits with respect to introductions have carried over here. (I have a tendency to walk up to interesting people and start talking without too much in the way of introductions). This somehow seems more fun to me, and it makes the later "actual introduction" proceed along more reasonable lines, if it happens at all.

Anyway. Am a student, though not a good one. I like physics more than I like any one other thing, but nowhere near as much as I like all the other things. Oops. Linguistics, Math, Philosophy, Literature, History, Economics.... all of that stuff is fun too. I wish I could be a polymath, but I am really only a dilletante. Oops again. I tend to read authors more than books, and I expand the list by random selection and by recommendations.

Also, I do karate, which is somehow less painful than physics most of the time.

Also, I build things, which gets me in trouble with campus police.

Also, I've been drowning under physics, and using this place as a refuge when eating, sleeping, and working all become unviable.

I like hugs, but am not good at delivering or receiving them over the internet. I might go look for one now.

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I love linguistics!! I am considering switching my major from bio to ling, or maybe doubling.
Physics is intriguing, too. A lot of my really good friends are physics nuts, and i like hanging out with them and getting my mind boggled when they start discussing all the ridiculously complicated things.
Ooh karate! I do tae kwon do.... is muy fun, no?

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I like karate it because it's physically taxing, and getting beaten up helps me be more focused or something in other aspects of my life. My sensei (and, therefore, the bulk of my class) has a habit of sneering at tae kwon do, because the local tae kwon do group does not take the martial or the artistic aspects of it very seriously, and are thus fairly laughable. But, being Korean (or at least Korean-American), I learned a fair bit back in the day and even trained in Korea for a while. Whatever it is, if you take it serously, it gets to be a lot of fun.

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Taking it seriously means a lot. And the focus that comes after a long practice is so good to have. Not to mention the endorphins.
It's just the opposite where I practice - the local karate studio is a huge commercialized deal, and is really mostly just little kids who want to be all "cool" because they know karate. Not really taking it seriously at all.

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do you build? Or, in keeping with "the fuzz is after me", are we better off not discussing them?

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A deteriorating sculpture was removed, so I built another one and put it on the pedestal they'd left without asking for permission to do so. I had a room with a high ceiling, so I built a loft/second floor to my room. This is probably the largest thing I've built (on campus, anyway. I build tables and things for people, and campus police REALLY don't like non-college furniture in the dorms for some reason. They don't have any regulations against it.... they just get irritated if you have it.

The less legal things I've built don't get me in trouble because I make sure people don't find out about them.

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and good luck with the physics thing. Smile I just got my first B in college, but I am not smart enough for intense concentration in on theory.

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