A little update!

Posted under "happiness" because that's what I feel. Smile

I've made it to the UK, where I'm studying at Oxford for the term! I mentioned this a while ago, but haven't updated anyone here for a while, and thought it was about time. If anyone's interested in the particulars of my trip, you can read my travel blog at http://www.musepoetica.blogspot.com . I update approximately on Sundays and Wednesdays (speaking of, that reminds me...) and try to cover a variety of topics, both what I've been up to and things I've noticed about Oxford.

Hope everyone else is as well as I am! It's such a relief to be on my own again, with such a wonderful experience. Some of you may remember my earlier difficulties, and let's just say that even being required to put 75 hours of school work into each week is such a pleasure in contrast to what I'd been doing.

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Most High

I'm so, so excited for you!!

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... envious, because Oxford is one of my favourite places in the world. Also, it's good to hear you're feeling much better.

Enjoy your stay!

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Welcome to the UK!

I spent some time in Cambridge, so I suppose I'm obliged to make some sort of face at you, so nyahhh. Blum 3

Mind the river swans. Supposedly their wing buffets can break a human arm. And only the Queen is allowed to eat them, so take advantage of any free food before you get ideas :biglol:

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My dorm window looks directly out on the Thames, but thus far the most the swans have done is wake me up when they're annoyed. I'll tell my rower friends to avoid them!

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Ah, I think that's a myth, couldn't find any cases! They will bite though :O and honk at you.

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Make to Europe for vacation, I plan on spending at least a day in England, and Netherlands, just researching family history. In addition to the time spent sight seeing...

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That's awesome! So jealous! I'm off to read you blog now!

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