Perhaps a silly request, but the thread about the relative ages of readers and the current poll have made me curious about various demographical questions.

Instead of asking them, I'll ask two practical ones:

How often are there new polls?
Are the poll results cross-referenced somewhere, or are all of the results "anonymous" as far as the data is concerned?

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Most High

The polls update whenever I think of a new one to ask. Smile

User IDs and IP addresses are noted as having voted, but not WHAT they voted.

In terms of demographics, I'm assembling a demographic survey for the Digital Novelists to help us sell ads. I bought and will be putting the survey up at .org and probably aggregating the RSS feeds of all the novelists in the network there as well. (I think we all just send out teasers in our feeds, but it's a way to give folks without RSS readers a one-stop "here's who's updated lately" idear).

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