Tuesday's chapter

  • Posted on: 19 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

...is underway, after much lethargy and inertia. I finally fed my mojo bag some Hand of Hermes oil and tucked it back into my cleavage where it belongs, and boom. Out come the words. I've put an actual dent in that bottle, first dent I've put into a BPAL/TAL bottle evah. Anyway, I'm not sure I'll be done in time for midnight, and I'm not going to stay up late to finish. You may have to be young refresh fellows tomorrow until I get it posted, and considering I do my errands on Tuesday mornings without fail, I can't say as how I can give a time.


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The image of story magically wafting out of your cleavage is hilaristurbing, to use that tired old ToMU phrase. Sweet dreams, if dreams there be. Smile

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Most High

I creep myself out!

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