What Temmin and Ellika look like

  • Posted on: 19 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

We were watching Masterpiece Theater tonight; the presentation was Cranford. It dawned on me that two of the leads--though playing sweethearts rather than brother and sister--are almost exactly what I've been thinking of when I picture my characters. Simon Woods (who is also in "Rome" and has been pointed to elsewhere here as a possible Temmin) played Dr Harrison and in this part is very close to a dead ringer for my boy:

And Kimberly Nixon as Sophy Hutton isn't quite Ellika but she's dang close:

Charming production, by the way, catch it if you can. It made Sir cry, but then, he's a terrible moosh.


sarianna's picture


Ooh, looks lovely! I'm adding this to my movies-to-watch short list. Smile Thanks for the recommendation, and the adorable photo post!

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Simon woods is close to how I picture Temmin, but the eyes....eh. Pictured bigger eyes, I guess.

Kimberly Nixon is almost exactly as I pictured Ellika, though.

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Most High

The hair blonder and a tad curlier, the eyes just a shade bigger and a brighter blue than pictured here (on television, he was much blonder and his eyes more blue than in the publicity still). Otherwise, especially as he played Dr Harrison, the resemblance was nearly perfect.

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I think Simon looks too old to be Temmin. I really picture Temmin (and still do) to be a lot younger, and more boyish with a rounder face, and bigger, more striking eyes. Maybe like Randy Harrison?

Kimberly Nixon is perfect for Ellika, though. Just the expression on her face is awesome.

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Most High

But take a very few years off and you have Temmin.

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