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David had a PET scan last week. It came out clear. No more chemo. He is supposed to have a consultation with another doctor to see if radiation is recommended, but it most likely won't be. It is such a relief for this all to be over.

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Most High

Party is in order!

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I will be getting a small inheritance from a grandfather I barely knew. While it is sad to lose him, he had been very ill and his passing was peaceful, especially by comparison. My mom says we'll have at least $1000, which will pretty much cover all the piled up medical expenses (especially the $750 PET scan). All of this had left us pretty strapped, so this is a huge relief.
Now, I do understand what people mean when they say a huge weight has been lifted. I feel like I've lost a hundred pounds or so. (now, if only I could really lose just 50)

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Woot! Not the bit about losing the grandfather, but for everything else, very much so yes!


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I'm so happy for you both! I'm sorry about the passing o your grandfather, bu I'm happy you now have the financial burden off your shoulders.

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I'm so glad he's ok and that you guys got through it all!

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... exceptionally good news, even if it has a little sadness mixed in with the death of the grandfather. Still, much happiness! Smile

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I'm glad things are looking pretty good.

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to hear about the clear scan. I know I haven't commented much, but you guys have been in my version of prayers everyday.

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I am so happy for you two...

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