QoD: What is that game called?!

So my friends all came over last night to play the TNG (Star Trek: The Next Generation) Mystery dinner, which I hosted. There was good food, not a little wine, and when we were done, instead of going home, we played this one card game... and watched some of RuPaul's Drag Race, and the Scariest Episode of Buffy Ever.

The important part is the card game.

It goes like this...

Everyone writes down the name of a character on a piece of paper- it can be fictional, historic, modern, doesn't matter. Also can be expanded to places, movies, then pokemon, any noun, and adjectives, and or just any word you think of.

You stick it your neighbors head.

Someone else puts it on yours.

You go around in the circle, trying to guess who/what you are.

They play it Inglourious Basterds.

What is it called?!

(Also, does any one else play/know the name of the game where someone comes up with a word, and then tell the next two people in the circle what it is, then each of the people who knows the word, gives a single word hint to the people who -don't- know the word, and they have to guess it.)

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Most High

...is Password. Was a TV show originally with Allen Ludden as host and his wife Betty White as a frequent guest.

I know the first game but not its name.

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I think the first game is called Celebrity Head - or at least, its modern incarnation is.

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No answer for you, but I have another question instead : what is the Scariest Episode of Buffy Ever ? Smile

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The pilot?

I never got into it after the movie. But the movie WAS awesome. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Paul Reubens for the win.

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played Buffy in the movie. SMG was only on the tv series.

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Curse my infernal memory.

Donald Sutherland was in the movie, though, right?

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I didn't see the movie, but I watched every episode of the TV series, several times...

I wouldn't pick the pilot as the scariest one, maybe the last episode of season 4, Restless, which is not so much scary as uneasy... No ep is really scary actually, come to think of it, although I'm sure they tried.

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Restless is totally awesome. I wrote a paper on it, about it's literary value...

P.S. Don't see the movie.

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With the Gentlemen.

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