The Magus by John Fowles

This book is one of the greatest I've ever read, just finished it last week.

It's like diving into a deep pool and realizing it's not a pool, it's an ocean, and you just keep going deeper and deeper. When you stop reading for a while, you have to literally shake it off so you can function in the real world Blum 3

It's absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone Biggrin

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The Magus is one of the best novels ever written, I first read it 20 years ago and reread it around once a year. John Fowles is one of my favourate writers and although I would recommend any of his books The Magus is by far my favourate.

It is not always an easy book to read, especially the first time and especially as a teenager (as I was myself when I first read it) but it always provokes a reaction or new thought every time I reread it.

In my younger days I identified with Nicholas Urfe however as I get older I find myself taking Maurice Conchis's role in my mind as I drift back to the island of Phraxos for my annual holiday with The Magus.

I think JF himself best sums up The Magus when he says in the foreword to the 1976 reversion

“If The Magus has any ‘real significance,’ it is no more than that of the Rorschach test in psychology. Its meaning is whatever reaction it provokes in the reader, and so far as I am concerned there is no given ‘right’ reaction.”

Also, if you like John Fowles works, try "Lanark: A Life in Four Books" by Alasdair Gray - or any of Gray's other works.

I am also an avid fan of everything ever written by Umberto Eco.

In completely unrelated genre and styles I can recommend 'A Conspiracy of Paper' and 'The Coffee Trader' both by David Liss (His latest novel 'The Whiskey Rebels' is out later this year.)

Okay, have strayed well off topic there !


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