Love the new Look

I just wanted to say that I love the new look for the site. I had been unwilling to register before now (this is banshee384 btw, if anyone remembers me from the few comments I've posted) because of the way the forums and comments worked. So thank you Meilin, now I don't feel so awkward posting things.

One thing I noticed though, which probably doesn't matter all that much, is that the link that I was given the last time I commented here- the one that shows only story updates and a few select other things instead of all the new stuff from all over the site ( yea, that link isn't anywhere that I saw. I found it very helpful, so I just thought I'd point it out in case you want to make it easily accessible. Not a big deal if you don't.

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Most High

I didn't give it as a stand-alone page, especially as that link is History-only and the History isn't updating right now.

Having said that: This theme has the potential for drop-down submenus, and I may take advantage of that next time I start fiddling.

Welcome to accounthood!

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