Hi all

I guess I can tell you a bit about myself. My name is amiciaN, which is short for NChaka's amicia. NChaka is my "significant other" (read Master) and amicia means "beloved". I'm 48, female, bisexual, kinky and owned for the past 3 years by the most amazing man I've ever met who just happens to be French. (and yes ladies, all the wonderful things they say about French lovers are TRUE!!:p ) As you can see, I'm a rather bent and twisted sort, so not a lot here shocks me, though I'm not always comfortable with everything either. But hey, by the time one is my age, one's body has "bag-gage" let alone one's mind. Wink Thanks to NChaka though, most of my subscriptions have been canceled and I'm down to just a few lingering issues. Smile I love to read, I write a bit, I'm just starting a new job that I'm really excited about, and I'm fulfilling a lifelong dream by taking my first trip to Europe this summer; 2 weeks in the French Alps with NChaka!! Biggrin Short of hitting the lottery for a few million, I don't see how life can get much better.


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