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  • Posted on: 14 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Please give a Historical welcome to klio from SPQR Blues! She's member #106. Smile

Sir gave me a pound box of my favorite bonbons as a late birthday present, so I'm sitting here snarfing chockies instead of what I should be doing, which is anything but. But they put me in a happy mood, so hey! it's all good.

There's a new poll up--check the right sidebar and tell us (anonymously) what your orientation is. You can still answer the old poll on how you found us any time, just click on the older polls link.

Chapter 40 is on track for midnight tonight, I hope. Cross fingers, send inspirational thoughts, etc.


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I guess maybe I should make one of those "Hello my name is..." posts but I answered "pretty much bi". It's really definitely bi and has been since '74, though I got the whole "you're either a lesbian or you're just using us" lecture more times than I could count. When I told my therapist about my dreams where I was a gay male, he just laughed, shook his head and said he wasn't even going to go there. Incidentally, my therapist is gay and has a PhD in Sexology, hmmmm......

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It made me giggle a bit, as I am primarily dyke-identified, and the current boyfriend was a freakish blip on my radar (though not unpleasantly, of course). Not that I really objected to guys, more that the previous 2 times I tried dating a guy, they wound up transitioning to female by the time we broke up. I kind of think I'm like those straight chicks who like watching gay male porn, I think the hetporn end of the spectrum is neat-o, but I'm much more interested in the 'mo chickies. Smile

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