Happy Birthday, Kreyopresny

Happy birthday! I would raise a glass to you, but as you're 21 now, you can raise a glass to yourself! I'll still raise a glass to you, though. :beer:

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Most High

I hope you have a happy one. Smile

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yay, happy birthday!!! Party

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Finished shoveling the snow drift from the walk. Need another warm drink and don't have any brandy handy. Except the Kirschwasser and I don't think my T&J mix is any good. Sounds like another hot scotch! Happy birthday and here's to warm toes!!

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Wait, you're in florida. Ass in the lawn chair, toes in the sand...

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no toes in the clay?

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It would be pretty cool if someone brought a guitar to Kreyopresny's birthday and played.

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'appy birthday

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Thanks for all the happy wishes, sorry I wasn't actually here to respond. No toes in the sand unfortunately, 'cuz I'm stuck here at College. Actually had to spend my Birthday in an Electrodynamics final, but that's ok 'cuz I can go back home and put my toes in the sand.

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