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I've included a bonus if you vote for the History at It's currently the plea I wrote for this year's Naughty or Nice Inquisition (for the record: Naughty!).

I think what I'll be doing there is writing bits of silly doggerel, which I write in my sleep. So: what I want here are poem requests for the voting bonus.

TheBoy's picture


I like it.
Failing all else, you could riff on
Angel characters from the IHOTGK
(b) foreshadows for the Gulch
(c) commentary on your own forum members

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An enjoyable read to be sure. I would also agree with TB that any type of teaser, be it forshadowing (for either story; don't just limit it to the Gulch), background on characters, or just plain parody (which may or may not contain a kernel of truth) would be most excellent and well worth my vote each day. If you go with forumite commentary, I eagerly await my 15 minutes.

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I was wondering how that would work out. But now that I've seen (but not yet read) SHAMEFUL SELFISHNESS I understand.

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