Happy Thanksgiving, All

To all the American's present, I hope you are able to enjoy today with your families. To others, if you know an american, crash their dinner. It should be worth it.

While Thanksgiving is an american holiday, the sentiment represented is universal. Today, we give thanks for the many blessings we have; the family we cherish, the friends we embrace; any prosperity we may enjoy. Life is still within us all, and we should be glad for all the experinces we have gained, great and small, happy and sad. They shape us into the people we are, and help us grow into what we may become.

If you belive in a higher power, may he/she/it bless you. If you belive in random chance, may fortune come your way.

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Hear, hear!

::toasts you and everyone with a mug of mulled cider::

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Happy (American) Thanksgiving, one and all.

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Happy eat way too much Day! Doesn't matter what country you're from.

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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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Thanksgiving in November? everybody knows the civilised time to celebrate thanksgiving is early October! Blum 3

Just kidding. Enjoy, everybody!

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but my computer is just now back online. (network troubles all day)

I wish you all.. Love, joy, peace, and happiness. May your reasons to give thanks be plentiful and your reasons to be sorrowful be very few.

Tell the people in your life how you feel about them, as often as you can, you never know when they or you might not be here any more.

That said.. I am thankful for this site, the wonderful story that Meilin is giving us, the place to converse and all the wonderful people who converge and chat over everything and anything. In other words... I greatfull for you all.

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