I'm Saph (and no, not after the dragon in Eragon - I've been using this handle years before Paolini published his trilogy). I'm a college student in Virginia - starting my senior year in the fall - Biology/Music double major. I never really know what to say about myself - I'm incredibly geeky, and I'm usually quiet - although if you get me started on a topic I love, I'll talk your ears off. Like others here, I love languages, I just finished up a course in Ancient Greek (life goal # 159 down, read Homer in his original language).

Been lurking here for awhile, will probably mostly be a lurker. *lurklurk* But I'm not standoffish. I won't bite...unless of course you ask. Wink

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Hahaha well then, welcome and you've definitely peaked my interest as "Interesting Person Number oh why bother with numbers anymore?" Well, suffice it to say, I like you already I-m so happy Herrow! Enjoys! Biggrin Don't be too quiet! Wink

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I'm pretty sure it's "piqued" your interest...
/grammar nazi

(apologies to anyone offended by that term)
/insincere apology

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I, also, am at school in Virginia...With only 100 members, that three are Virginians (at the least), I'm somewhat pleased with "the Commonwealth."

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Yay for Commonwealths! Massachusetts is as well. Smile

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As is my home state (but not current residence), Pennsylvania.

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