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So, I've finally started posting my stories. I've attached the links to them in case anyone is interested in reading them. If you should read them, I'd greatly appreciate any feedback you're willing to give. http://tinyurl.com/yhpeqaf & http://tinyurl.com/yhrr7ys

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... half bad. Although neither of those stories grips me like it never wants to let me go again, I could certainly stand to read a more, especially about Ombri. I'm not sure how I feel about Josephine, or the introduction of Prince Damien, though. Unless the guy is more ominous than he sounds, I'd probably hold off on introducing him until a bit later.

Technically, you may want to look out for tense problems. There were several instances of tenses in single sentences not matching the rest of the story (mostly things like present tense or present continuous instead of past tense, or past tense instead of past perfect).

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I've been thinking about posting basically the same post for a week or so now (since I started a blog) but I keep facilitating between wanting other people to read it and give opinions, and having it be a terrible journal of fantasies and occasional (ha) emo-ness.

For substance- I'm not a big fan of angry/irrational girls. I have a low tolerance for them irl, and when I indulge in literary escapism, I really don't tolerate them. I do think the idea in "Children of Angels" is an interesting one, however, and (if I can remember) I'll probably read some more : )

Also, yeah, there is some tense stuff. Just read it out loud and you'll catch it. (You can also make uh... "challenges" for yourself for what ever tense/person/character/genre is hardest to write for you, and it'll make -all- your writing better.)

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terrified of having it out there for the world to see. i'll definately go back and try to catch the tenses. tis what happens when non writers "edit" for you lol.

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