HB mendacity and GreyKnight

Party One I drink with, one I drink too! :beer: :beer: Cheers all around!! Dance 4

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Happy birthday folks!

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Today we celebrate the passing of the youth of one of our forumites.

And mendacity.

Here's to you both! May life find you in good spirits, and may you find better spirits in your glass.


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Most High

Check in, why doncha!

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Happy birthdays. If we meet one day, there shall be cake.

May your friends be many and true, and may your enemies find their schemes plagued by patent issues and budget cuts.


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Y'know, we should totally have a collective catch-up birthday cake at future MLM meet-ups. Yum!

Er... it is possible to manage a gluten-free birthday cake?

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I have a bunch of celiac friends. We just make flourless chocolate cake. Sugar, salt, chocolate, eggs and butter. It's like fudge, it's delicious Smile

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Use one of the many gluten free flours that are now on the market. And make it a true cake. I do that for a few celiac friends that I have. They can be very good too.

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Thanks everyone, I joined the ranks of the Thirty somethings this year Smile

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Thanks for the birthday wishes! It was a good one.

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