A very happy announcement

It's been a long time since I logged in, but I missed you guys (and the fabulous story).

When I first arrived and introduced myself I told you about my beloved, Daddy. While most of the D/s dynamic has faded from our relationship, the love remains. So much so, in fact, that the dear Irish boy has asked me to be his wife! Jumpeveryone

Right now we're looking at getting married on our three-year dating anniversary which gives me seven months (pretty much to the day, actually) to plan and orchestrate a wedding. Eep!

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Most High

Mazel tov and all that! Wavemulticolor

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My best advice when it comes to wedding planning.... Keep it simple. Trust me when I say that simple can be, and usually is beautiful.

And Delegate as much as possible. You want the big day to be about you, not about taking care of last minute problems.

Try and have fun, with the planning, Keep him involved too. And Don't allow yourself to stress about his choices. It's his day too.

Keep us updated if you please. We would love to share this with you.

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Also, don't worry about perfection or dwell too much on appearances. Some friends of mine just had a really beautiful wedding, but all anyone talks about is how happy they looked, how much fun the reception was, and how the food was to die for. Other people will only see and remember that you were happy-- so don't sweat the details.

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Congratulations! :beer:

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:bigsmile: !!!!Congrats!!!! :bigsmile:

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A bit less than two years ago now, my husband and I planned our wedding in just 5 months, so never fear, It Can Be Done! Having a short planning period actually helped us keep things simple/cheap because we simply didn't have time to make fancy arrangement. The only thing that really needs a lot of lead time is the bride's dress (and to a lesser extent, the bridesmaids') if you're ordering one from a bridal store.

I think we had a wedding planning thread around here at one point - I'll look for it and post a link here when I have time later today if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

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Congrats! (and welcome back!)

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Here's to good news!! :beer:

I planned my wedding in five months. My advice, find a place for the recieption, find a preacher/JP, find your source of food, and lock them in. Everything else will fall into place.

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Most High

Brief and to the point. Smile Best friend did the ceremony, downtown flower cart did the flowers, held it in the back yard, booked a night at a nearby destination hotel, the end. Went back to work the day after.

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Best of luck to you both Smile

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You can do it! Biggrin

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Mazal Tov! Good luck to both of you!

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I agree with the suggestions to keep things simple.
We came to Vegas to get married a year earlier than planned because our son had the idea to come into being. We had a very specific date (may 17th). We were just going to get a justice of the peace thing in Albuquerque, where we were living at that time, but no judge was available on a Monday. David's parents were in Vegas, so we came here. We didn't tell his mom, just his dad. She had been disappointed at not being able to be there to see us get married. She was happily surprised. It was simple, a couple friends and David's parents. We saw Penn and Teller, then went back to Albuquerque. I would have liked a nice wedding, but the most important thing is that I have David.

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Best of luck, and don't allow yourself to get too stressed out by the wedding planning jitters - we're always here if you need to talk Biggrin

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For a few more wedding ideas, check out this previous thread on topic.



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Thank you. Reading that thread was somewhat helpful. Smile

My situation is different than most:

1.) I am a Baptist minister's daughter. In reality, once I have the marriage license in-hand, I could be married at any moment as long as I have my fiance and a couple of witnesses. And Dad won't charge me. Neither would our associate pastor, actually. Biggrin
In the same vein, my church allows use of the facility to members and their immediate families without charge. You only have to pay a janitorial fee for the set-up/take-down, which I want to say is around $150 maximum.

2.) My parents had a "do it yourself" wedding back in '78. My dad, before becoming a minister, was in the food business for 20 years so he catered his own wedding (even down to edible centerpieces). My grandmothers made the wedding gown, veil, and bridesmaid dresses (Mom may have helped). And I think that Mom had a hand in the flowers. They spent around $500.00 for the whole thing back then.

3.) My sister got married on the cheap last fall. She bought her dress for around $200, had the bridesmaids find their own black knee- or tea-length dresses, used silks instead of real flowers (Mom and I assembled the flowers--mostly Mom), only purchased ties for the groomsmen and simply had them wear white shirts and black pants, her husband wore a shirt and suit he already owned and simply got a new tie, my brother took the photos, we only had immediate family and a few friends there, we made the food and cake ourselves, etc. Later we held a reception for anyone else who might have wanted to see photos/video of the wedding and served a little lunch which we again made ourselves. I think that my sister spent around $1,000.00 for the whole thing (not including rings or honeymoon). And she actually didn't get married at our church so she had to pay to use the venue (the reception later was at church though).

My other sister is getting married in January, so I felt... almost guilty discussing my wedding plans with Mom and Dad when hers is first. So I went outside the family. I now have two incredible women from church who are more than willing to help me with everything from choosing a venue (got it down to 2, neither of which is my church) to figuring out tablescapes and flowers. My future mother-in-law is a dear who is always interested in hearing about plans and giving her thoughts, too (in a completely non-imposing way. SO not joking. My FMIL is awesome!). Fiancee's main concerns are keeping the wedding itself small (mainly the guest list) and that he gets to have artistic control over the music (he's an audiophile--a very talented DJ by trade). Other than that, he's pretty laid back about me making plans on my own (though I often run ideas by him).

*sigh* All right, back to the real world now. I need to pay bills, do some laundry, take a shower, work on the guest list, and further ponder my venue choices (one is gorgeous, but absolutely alcohol-free (state parks are alcohol-free here). Fiancee might not like that much. The other is my house/garage/lawn. Not as pretty, but cheaper and the boy (and others) can drink if they'd like).

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