A great new web comic I just found... http://www.cealdiancomic.com/

The art style is interesting, and a bit more realistic than many which is something I am a total fan of.

The story (although there's not much up yet) seems like it'll combine history, personal relationships, self-growing-stuff, and mystery in a very pleasing way Smile

Also, it seems like the author actually has like, you know, a plan. So it's not going to go on for two years, and stop. Or have a ridiculously long hiatus at some point that promises the comic will return, but it never does... Anyway.

Check it out.

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That looks really good! Thanks for sharing it!

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The character drawing style & technique seems a bit stiff yet, but that is common with new artists/strips. If that gets more fluid, the richness will make for excellent overall artwork.

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