How do you "see" the characters?

Hope this is the right forum I-m so happy
So our lovely MeiLin has given us some descriptions of the main characters that play through this story. I'll reiterate here, just so you can remember what she says I-m so happy How do you see them in your head? What kind of hair, of style clothing, of carrying themselves and body language?

  • Temmin: Blond, "rangy" (a cat with long slender legs xD
  • King Harsin: Tall, "handsome powerfully built", dark haired, dark eyes, full beard turning gray
  • Ansella: Petite, lovely, slender to point of thinness, blonde and blue eyes, doll-like
  • Sedra: Tall, dark haired and eyed.
  • Ellika: Blonde, petite, dark eyes.
  • Teacher: "Iron" colored hair, gray eyes, smooth face, long hands, seems taller than is
  • Jenks: Balding, salt and pepper fringe, battle scarred, brown eyes, neat beard.

Temmin I can't really envision D: It's hard actually. But I just can't quite see him in my head. Just sort of a body-shape, not any details. I keep forgetting just about everything! Really, to be honest, I always always forget the whole "beards" thing goin' on there. All but the King basically. I tend to think of men who are described to be particularly good looking without a beard (can you tell my preference? Smile ). Except father figures. King Harsin *does* have a beard in my head. Blum 3 Though he's tall, I also see him as just a "big" guy, heavy etc.
Ansella I forever forget as slender and mentally see her with more flesh than the "birdlike bones" referenced in the second-ish chapter. Whoops! Re-reading this actually is good for that Blum 3
Elly I always see as a plump girlie, but in a curvy way Pardon And I could actually totally see her as a lady who spends the nights of the week in many different man's bed, though she isn't at that point. Her outrageous flirtation just paints her that way to me (and she should be careful--it might do the same to someone else).
Sedra I see as very slender but not particularly tall, just an average height. In a way I kind of see her boy type as my own, and I have absolutely no basis on that. Dark eyes and hair, that's about it. xD!
Teacher I keep thinking of having dark/black hair, and much like my grandfather--tall, long face, long legs, long hands, long fingers, everything slender. Though I mentally do see some more signs of aging in Teacher than is mentioned here.
I see Jenks as everything neat, pristine, clean and perfect. Another character I see without a beard. Nor the balding, OR the scarring. ^^;;; I sorta made him up, didn't I D: He's in my mind a lot like Grimsby (the butler from The Little Mermaid, see here) but with a less "fiercely" warped face.

Feel free to add more, and please do tell me how you see these characters!! I would loove to hear, so please!! Share!! Biggrin

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Most High

with these kinds of details that I will be expanding into a characters section where people can post fan art etc. So you might want to hold your speculation for that. Smile I'm hoping to have that up this week. You guys earned a bonus chapter, but donations are slow so we may end up burning that on Saturday. Which means I'll have a little extra time to work on the characters section. Smile

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Well yeah, that's where I pulled all this info from. But I'm interested in specifics that other people see the characters as, beyond what you had written on that page. That's what I wrote about made sense to me -shrug-

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(With real world photos if possible)

* Temmin: I see him exactly as described (Best image I could find that fit my mental image of him )
* King Harsin: Most any time "king" is mentioned in a story, unless it is preceded with "young", I get an image similar to the one @ in my head regardless of how they are described
* Ansella: I see as resembling Queen Elizabeth the first ( )
* Sedra: This is almost exactly what I picture in my head when her name is mentioned ( )
* Ellika: This is close to what pops in my head when she is mentioned, except blond, ( )
* Teacher: I always picture Severus Snape from the Harry Potter movies ( )
* Jenks: Here is a close image, though the image in my head is far more fit ( )

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