Amazon Sweepstakes

I put this under food because the current prize is brand new kitchen stuff - and I think we all know someone who needs that!

If you haven't heard of the current Amazon Sweepstakes, it's for their tenth anniversary, and every week is a different themed huge awesome prize list. To enter, all you have to do is either create a wishlist or add to one you already have, and at the top it should say "enter sweepstakes" and that's it! Personally I'm waiting for Kindle week, but this is only week 2 and there's 10 in total, so everybody should find one they like Smile

Amy's picture


Yipee!!! Another reason to shop on one of my favorite shopping sites

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Seriously, if I won a prize like that, I wouldn't care that I don't have a kitchen. I would buy storage until I could get an apartment. No really. It is that awesome. IT'S $15000 WORTH OF NICE KITCHEN SUPPLIES. WAAAAANT Biggrin

NorthwoodsMan's picture


I could probably find some room at my place for you to store it.... }:)

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Why not just enter all the ones you like? I'm just saying, I'm willing to deal with meeting the Jonas brothers if it means I get to go to London Smile

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