Sorry if this has been asked before - I tried searching ^^; When is the History coming back? I thought it was once summer was over?

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I think it comes back when the new book 1 edit is finished.

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Things like having your bathroom collapse into your kitchen don't provide an environment conducive to writing, and Mei's timeline was already ambitious. You could come amuse yourself in the forums Blum 3

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Most High

Honest I am. No one wants this thing over more than I do. It's like getting stuck in the middle of childbirth, but you can't hurry that once things are under way and you can't hurry this, either, at least any more than I'm already hurrying it.

I'm coming back when the book is done, at which point the drafts come down and I'll start posting the finished book in small, tantalizing chunks. Which if you get tired of waiting for the little chunks, you can buy the bugger, can't 'ee? Biggrin

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So does that mean you'll be reposting book 1 and not new chapters at all?
So we won't know what happens with Brinnid and his mixed feelings, or Temmin and his "non" mistress? None of it? Sad

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Most High

SO MUCH MORE. Believe me. And we will be getting back to Brinnid, never fear.

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I can hardly wait.

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