100 users! woohoo!

  • Posted on: 13 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

Way-hay! We made it to 100 users! That means a bonus chapter this week if we meet the marketing target, or just a Saturday chapter if we don't. Our 100th member is someguy. Say hi to someguy, everyone! The target resets to 200 users tomorrow. As for the other marketing targets, we're six away from the review count target, dozens away from the link count and the bookmark count.

Chapter 39 is in the scheduler and goes live in about ten minutes. I'm pooped. Next chapter we'll be back to Warin and Emmae, I'm pretty sure, and I don't know what else. We're heading into uncharted waters, and I'm floating on the currents.

Comment + donations = love.


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100 people who love the story like me! also Hi someguy!

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not all 100 of us (necessarily) like you.
Blum 3

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You are so bad sometimes. You're lucky most of us know by now that you're a snarky bastard. Biggrin

TheBoy's picture


It's a good thing you're here to inform the rest. }:)

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Just call me Queen of the Obvious. It's either that or Queen of Useless Trivia. I'm really good at that Wink

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Hurrah for 100 users. Hi Someguy! Oh, and, being low-spirited is no good! Cheer up! Rest up! Relax! Wouldn't want anything happening to one of my favorite authors, now would I?

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I notice that if everyone who voted for the "How'd you get here" poll also registered, we'd have another full bonus story and be halfway to the third just from this target.

CMON, people...it takes all of a minute *pokepokepoke* Points are good!

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Howdy folks. Didn't even realize I'd be the 100th. Looked at the marketing target at 98 of 100 and said well heck it looks like I'll continue reading this if I've come this far in the story...

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