Cocoa Extra Deluxe for days when you're down or cold.

OK, this is not that much of complicated feat to do, but people tend to have very simplistic attempt to make cocoa (buy Nesquick, add milk, drink).
This one is not yet the thick, chocolate that you have to cook, but not the skimmy cocoa anymore. It's a result of my countless experiments with cocoa making and seems the best solution I found so far for the days when you feel down, weak, cold and don't want to eat.

Unsweetened cocoa
Fat thick cream - about 1/3-half the mug you're going to use
Nutella or 50g milk/nugat chocolate
Honey - 1-3 teaspoons
Cinamonne, ginger, muskat, chilli
pinch of salt
syrup (mint or other) - if you want
Whatever you want on the top

Take a big mug. Put in a two teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa, pour bit of fat cream (like 2-3 tablespoons I guess). Mix it for a while until it gets smooth (for some reason this also works soothing). Add big fat tablespoon of Nutella and two teaspoons of honey, ginger (by preference), pinch of muskat, cinamonne (by preference; I usually add about a tablespoon) and bit of chilli (if you want). Add little bit of cream so you can mix it well and well.. mix it well, until it's smooth. It it's still more paste than thick liquid add yet a bit more cream and mix it well until (you know the drill). Add milk to 3/4 height of the mug and mix (...). Pour milk until the mug is full and mix (...). You can add a bit of syrup if you have some (raspberry, mint, curacao, whaveter you like. You can also add whipped cream, mandel flakes, ice-cream or whatever you can think of at the top.
Drink it and let it work wonders.

Notes: you can make it cold or hot; since you're mixing the cocoa in the beginning there will be no problems when it's cold.

If you can't eat honey, sugar will be OK. If you CAN eat honey it's more healthy and aromatic then sugar, so better don't change that.
If you can't drink milk then uh... I've never tried milk alternatives so I have no idea.
If you're allergic to nuts Nutella is a no-go.
If you don't buy Nutella but some alternative creams check what's in it. If there's 5% nuts and 3% cocoa don't bother adding it and add milk chocolate instead - I think about 50g (best way is to throw those few pieces into another glass with a bit of warm milk and still it until the chocolate melts then mix it with the cocoa mix in the mug). Nuttella adds some texture but it also adds flavor; the cheap alternatives are almost only vegetable oild and sugar. You can skip Nutella/chocolate, but then add bit more honey.
Cream: cream is very important here; it adds necessary texture and a bit of hmm different taste. You don't have to add cream but then it's only Cocoa Extra.

If you're on a diet you can skip either cream or Nutella/chocolate but not skip both. Then again Cocoa Extra Deluxe is invented for the times when you really want to indulge yourself or are so down you could not give a damn about any diet whatsoever.

It's best to have a glass of water or very weak tea and hand when using Cocoa Extra Deluxe and sip in alternately.
Ginger warms you up: if you feel really cold add more of it.
Since the liquid is quite thick and raw cocoa tends to fall on the bottom it's best to have something to stir it once a while. Actually it's pretty cool to eat it with a spoon to.
Never ever drink Cocoa Extra Deluxe with one long gulp. If you want to do that just make yourself Nesquick or something. Cocoa Extra Deluxe's power is partly in the ingredients (cocoa makes you feel better/more cheerful and has a lot of nutriments and good stuff in it) and partly in the taste and texture.

Did I forget about something?

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Does "fat, thick cream" refer to a specific heavy grade of cream, or will any do? Would half-and-half (or at least that's what it's called in the U.S.) work?

As a general FYI, cream pretty much IS fat by definition (ok, it it isn't 100% fat, but it is all the fat that was in the milk...), so describing it that way is a bit redundant.

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I don't know how it is described in different countries; I've been a month in Germany now, wanted buy cream but by the descriptions I'm not sure what is in the container (one thing I'm sure was sour cream, another was low-fact cream and the third one.. no idea 0o )

In Poland we can buy cream with 12% 18% 30% 32% and sometimes even 36% of fat. I think 12% is what is usually used for coffee. The 30+% creams we call a hmm creamy cream (loose translation).
Generally for this the best is a fatter kind of cream; this is the kind you can make whipped cream from without adding anything or using machines, just with a whisk. As the cocoa is quite hmm, fluffy is not the word, but thing is when you mix it with this kind of cream it gets interesting texture, like it is half whipped (like a mousse). If you add the skimmer one you'll get the taste but not so much the texture.
And we want to indulge ourselves with it Wink

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I beleive what you mean is called "heavy whipping cream" in America. Smile

Half and half might also work in this (preobably the 12% cream you have), maybe subsituted for both milk, and cream, to get a similar effect?

I love cocoa... But I like mine very thick, so it's like got pudding... I used to get it all the time in Bulgaria, but for some reason it seems Americans like their cocoa thinner- like hot chocolate milk. (I'm sure it's less fattening...)

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... on the labels, then. I should think I'll be able to come up with a decent translation. Smile

FWIW, Kaffeesahne goes into your coffee and usually has up to 12% fat. Schlagsahne is whipped cream, and while I'm not sure of the fat percentage off the top of my head, it should be in the 24-30% range, I think.

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my guess immediately was heavy wipping cream, but for a slightly thinner version go with half and half (also known as 'breve' by coffee folks) but I must say... that sounds truly fabulous and amazing and I will be making myself some soon....

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I substituted for Bailey's for muscat. Won't have an excuse if my cold leaves me though!

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Just don't get addicted Wink

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