Happy Birthday, Ruska!

Though you really should be waiting another 3 years to read the story, nothing says you can't grace the fora with your presence.

May you live as long as you want,
and never want as long as you live.


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Most High

Ruska, what are you doing here! Seriously, this is not a good thing for me. Happy birthday, though!

ETA: Whew! She's Swedish, and consent there is 15. *fwump* Except you shouldn't have been reading last year, kiddo! You people will be the end of me...

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LOL, MeiLin. When I saw Ruska's birthday/age coming up on the list at the bottom of the site, I had the exact same reaction on your behalf! Looked up her page, saw she's Swedish, and then looked up the Swedish age of consent (15, squeaking in!).

Sorry, Ruska, we're glad you're here, but no one wants to get MeiLin in trouble, and all of us Americans are so used to *18* being the age of consent....

Regardless - Happy Birthday!

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happy natal anniversary!

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