Working on character pages and chapter 39

  • Posted on: 12 May 2008
  • By: MeiLin

I think we're on for midnight tonight for chapter 39, in which there are a great number of tears, arguments and confessions.

In moments of non-inspiration I'm working on the character section a little. I've added terms for all the characters so that you can go to all of the chapters with, say, the Traveler Queen in them, but I have to go through and edit each chapter to tag them correctly and I'm only up to chapter 7 as of this writing. Once that's done, I'll probably be reworking the characters page into a section.


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Yay! Something to look forward to for morning! Smile Also, I really love that tagging scheme... makes it much easier when trying to reference "x event with y character that happened sometime around/before z event." Thanks so much. Biggrin

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You said you'd make me individual pages for each of the main characters. Blum 3

Not that it really matters. I need to find pics of people anyway.

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