HB Lord Likely...

It may be Tuesday night here, but LL is in Jolly ole England. It's the 23rd there. So...

Here's to Lord Likely! May your birthday be a good one!!! :beer: :beer:

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! another year older and wiser, may the next one be happier than those before, and sadder than those to follow.

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Best of wishes & blessings for your year ahead Smile

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And all that jazz.

Here's to being single...
Drinking doubles...
And seeing triple!


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Most High

May your birthday be jolly, and may you spend it among friends!

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Oh, my! Many thanks for the birthday wishes, chums - I am truly touched.

Having said that, I am of course 'touched' very frequently indeed!

Thank you all very much - now let us get thoroughly soused in celebation!

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May it quite Likely be a very, very good one!

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