How about a section devoted to completed "stories"?

Alright I hope this makes sense xD
But you have locations through which one can access near every section of the site. I wanted to request that you put together the "stories" that Temmin is read in one section, so if people want to re-read the whole thing they don't have to go jumping around the chapters like a jackrabbit I-m so happy

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Most High



It's a reasonable request, but I'm an unreasonable author. The story is meant to be read all mixed up. I have, however, considered setting up categories for each character that appears in a chapter, so you could hop straight to all the chapters with, say, Emmae in them...would that work?

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Hahaha alright, I follow. I suppose that could work just as well actually ^__^ It keeps the story mixed up, but one doesn't have to go through and load all the chapters in between Smile Thank you! Biggrin

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